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I just hope I don’t overdose.


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I’ve been having trouble sleeping these days... Like the antibiotics are supposed to be working on fighting the infections but it has failed. Result is confirmed but antibiotics doesn’t work... Like I’m contemplating if I should rush to the GP again or not... I mean, when you get less sleep, do you guys take lots of painkillers though? I just hope its fine. I’ve been trying to nap to feel fresh but can’t, it’s been too much dependant on drugs lately.


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Yea. I’m going to my GP again today, doing something it which I hope I can control. I just wonder how do you guys live by if you have less sleep during the day and yet still forcefully needed to be productive during the day same time?

I just feel I’m at my lowest atm, trying to get out of this vicious cycle: intense - overwhelming - frustrations - hopelessness - irritable - thought distortion


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If you're sick, it's usually better to rest as much as you can and try to get out of doing stuff.

Maybe there's something in this link that could help?

Specific Info for Insomnia
Its not that, I mean they can’t fix the cause of insonmia so I had to accept that I have insonmia so I can’t wait for it to heal if like that and can’t watch my life goes wasted. But thanks ill check that out~

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