I just love making myself look stupid!!!

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I don't think a day could go on when I make myself seem more stupid than I already am! You'd think by my junior year in a school I'd have figured out where everything is and be able to figure out where I'm supposed to be at certain times. NOPE! ahg. I totally walked into the wrong classroom.. and just stood there looking at everyone like they were going to tell me where to go. I haven't taken the bus home or to school in months. I did't even do it last year.. so today I got on what I THOUGH was my bus that would go by my house and little did I knwo it wasn't.. it didn't go anywhere near my house.. so I sat there on the bus freaking out trying to figure out how I was going to get home.. and finally I got off at a random stop and walked home...

I hate school. I hate it... I'm trying to go into this year with a totally different attitude than I had at the end of last year because all they stress on us for junior year is how important it is and how much we can't afford to mess anything up because college is right around the corner! Taking the AP classes.. so that will look good for college and hopefully I can pass the test to get credits for college.. Working my ass off the last two years of highschool so that I can have a little easier of a time in college.. if I make it that far!! I know I have no friends in school. so I have to be very independant.. going to all my classes and everything by myself.. that I think I can handle once I know where the HELL I'm going..

two days down.. 178 left....
hey jess,

i'm counting down the days, too. i have a "magic number" everyday just to remind me that graduation isn't TOO far away. i have it a little different: i'm a senior in college and hate my school. can't seem to make many friends here. my suggestion to you? MAKE SURE YOU TOUR YOUR SCHOOL BEFORE YOU GO! also, don't put your eggs in one basket. anyway, i remember my junior year of high school and how much pressure they put on everyone. i took the AP classes as well, and the english totally paid off, (if that helps!) don't worry too much. a lot of it is hype. yes, it is very important you do well, but that is true of every year of high school. they just like to freak you out this year because you take the SAT and start looking for schools. take deep breaths. i remember my junior year turning out rather nice, despite the tense atmosphere. also, don't worry about walking into the wrong classroom!! people do that in college ALL the time :o) and you usually don't figure out you're in the wrong place until the syllabus is passed around, cause there is nothing in the classroom to indicate what the subject is! hang in there and take care!



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I was like that at school, especially when I changed schools. Even after being there nearly all year I had a few weeks off coz I was in hospital and when I got back I literally had to be walked to each of my classes coz I had no idea where I was going. In the end I just stopped catching the bus and found other ways to get to school, even if I was there so early.
I know how your feeling
I remember my first day at collage walked into the wrong class
Stood there like a complete idiot. At the end of the day caught the wrong train ended up in a different city had to get my dad to pick me up boy was he p***ED

Completely forgot about that
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