I just need a friend to talk to

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by Lestat, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. Lestat

    Lestat Well-Known Member


    I am 25 and almost all my friends or people I can talk too work or just cant be bothered with me right now. I am having a very bad time right now and I just need someone to talk too.

    i have phoned all the help lines but they never help because everytime I call itsa new person and I hate explaining myself.

    I use the chat rooms here but feel bad talking about my problems there. I also need a voice to talk too.

    I live in England, am willing to give my numbers out to anyone willing to listen to me.

    I don't know if this is a crisis but i know I always hit them nearly everyday. I am trying to be strong but I know that talking helps me a lot... I just need a buddy really... Not just to listen to me but also talk about them.
  2. yada

    yada Well-Known Member

    Re: I just need a friend to talk too

    Hey Conrad, I know exactly how you feel. There's nothing like speaking with someone directly rather than in a chat group, and for me it's especially so when I feel the other person is a regular person rather than a professional. I'm in the U.S. though. If you wish you can PM me. I will try to be near my computer during the day today.
  3. Lestat

    Lestat Well-Known Member

    Re: I just need a friend to talk too

    Thanks. I just know from timesI have spoken to people it has helped. I do break down at times and that is hard for some people to cope with. Before all this happened I never really cried at all. but it does help.
  4. Beret

    Beret Staff Alumni

    Conrad feel free to pm me anytime, or my msn is beretwoi@hotmail.com. Im sorry the crisis lines couldnt help you, but ill listen. Unfortunately i live in Spain atm and phone is very expensive here. Im also in chat quite a bit (sorry not tonight ive been up for 17hrs already).
    Please stay safe,
    Beret xx
  5. j0rd4n

    j0rd4n Guest

    hey conrad, i bet you dont remember me but hey. i met you on the chat room a month ago i think. you emailed me, if that reminds you of anything. anyway, just good to see you around and hey, how you doing? hope things are better. im always here if you need to talk.
  6. D-rock

    D-rock Member

    Yo conrad, if you need to talk or chat Pm me up, I am always willing to talk or listen. I know how frustraiting it cane be opening your self up and then having to reopen to another person. Stay safe and take it easy.
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