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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by mattrules0, Dec 31, 2011.

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  1. mattrules0

    mattrules0 New Member

    I'm actually scared for myself. I have attempted suicide before but it was many years ago and I thought I had gotten myself out of that place. But for the past couple of months every time I ask myself what I want to do all I can think of is ways to kill myself an have it all over with. I'm sick of living but at the same time I know its just depression and I know I can get through it with time. But I'm scared that tonight I'm not going to be able to tell myself not to do it. I want to go my GP and ask for help but its new years eve. Any ideas what I can do? Will a walk in center be able to help me in any way or something similar?
  2. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    HI Matt and welcome to SF... it is the holidays so if urges to end it all really set upon you for weekend is over.. then reach out to the crisis line numbers.. 1-800-273 -Talk in the usa.. that will route you to a local crisis line in your area.. if not usa there is a listing of crisis lines for other countries on here if you just do some looking.. these people are pros and that is waht they are there for.. a ER at a hospital is ok also and 911 to call the police will also get you some real help..

    Matt sounds to me that you do need some professional help for yourself.. sounds like a real good idea to call your doctor on the first real working day for them..sir i hope you are getting the idea that i want to prevent you doing suicide at all costs.. some more posting on here in the suicide and or crisis forums is very much ok also.. take care pf yourself please.. Jim..
  3. Acy

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    Hi, Matt. Like Jim said, call a crisis line. If you think that you are a danger to yourself, go the the ER (A&E) department and tell them you're feeling suicidal. You can also talk to us here in threads or go into the Chat Room here. You just can't talk about methods and what you are thinking of doing to yourself. :) I'm glad you have a sense that depression can make you feel and think this way. That's a good sign. Let us know how you're doing. I'll be thinking of you. Many hugs to you and I hope that the new year brings you a new, good start. :)
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