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I just need somewhere

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to get this out and i guess this is the best place
i don't need a reply, there is just no point in me making a diary thing because i'd never use it

i can't believe this has happened.
she can be like this... but she doesn't realise how much this gets to me
i can't be like her, i can't put all the facebook status' and tweets that are obviously aimed at her
she doesnt realise how much this kills me... or the worst thing is that part of me thinks she does :/
she doesn't realise how weak i actually am, how little support i have when i have issues that i can't talk to her about
its impossible for me to say a bad word about her to anyone else
and now this, this is SO stupid, its a misunderstanding... but once she is in this mood... she doesn't care
i love her... i need her
i can't have her being like this
i can't cope with it, and i can't say anything she is vunerable enough
i just have to sit, sit and feel like this and do nothing as always
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