i just really need to vent right now

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    So today my mom works from 7:30 AM to 3 PM. I didn't even know this until 10 AM. I didn't even know she was working today. And i just found out my brother was working too. He just got home and fucking pissed me the hell off! He's such an ass! Always has been! Just like our father! I came out of my room at 10 AM (though i woke up at 7:30) and smelled poop. I couldn't tell where it was emanating from though. I don't like dogs, but my mom and brother do. My brother came home about 20 minutes ago, smelled the poop, yelled at the dogs to try to get them to go out, then came in my room. He said i should have let the dogs out and that they were my responsibility and i have to clean up their poop because our mom has enough on her mind right now. NO! I don't clean up dog messes. Plus, even if i had let them out, they wouldn't have gone due to the sever thunderstorms we had from 5 AM this morning till about an hour ago! God, i'm so fucking pissed off right now! And i'm not cleaning up that shit!!!!! And i hate my brother and my dad and my lazy ass mom!

    Gosh i need to cut, but i shouldn't til tonight. *sigh*
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    Sorry to hear that your family has been giving you such a hard time. I got woken up early this morning by a screaming loud argument, and couldn't get back to sleep after that, so that wasn't too fun. Sorry that you feel the need to cut, I hope things get better for you soon.
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    I'm sorry to hear that your family was giving you such a hard time. They should of let you know ahead of time so that you would of known. I don't like others who are lazy and except everyone else to do everything for them. I'm sorry also that you feel need to cut and do self harm. I hope things will go a little better for you and your anger towards them is understandable. :hug: