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I just wanna be normal, ordinary

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As a person with severe depression and a weird addiction, obviously I don't lead a normal life. But I really wish I were a normal, ordinary person.
I really don't care about rich or fame. I really don't. They don't bring true happiness anyway. If I were normal, ordinary with MANAGEABLE obstacles, and BEARABLE challenges, I really wouldn't even be here.
I would be content and wouldn't complain at all. I am so fed up with unendurable ups and downs in life that seem to forever haunt me.
I just want to be like so many people out there with manageable obstacles and challenges so I can be happy most of the time.
Can anyone help me how I can live such life? Under my given conditions, I keep failing no matter how many times I try.


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You and me both nicesinging01, a lot of us here do not care about fame, money, anything like that, all we just crave is to be normal, to fit in, to be happy like everyone else around us and not be bogged down with depression, negative thoughts. Of course everyone goes through rough times, but we especially have it so bad, I can completely relate with what you are going through.

But life is so extremely complicated, so so so so so complicated. I don't think anyone here can tell you clear up how to live a normal life, its ultimately up to you, you can be given good advice and helpful tips, but not a clear concise step by step plan to become normal and happy. You have had a different upbringing, different circumstances than all of us.

Many people will tell me to cure my lonliness and isolation, to just go join a club and talk to some people there for instance, easy for the, so so hard for me, and they just can't beleive how hard it is for me. I just quickly saw a story of a woman that was scared to death of pickels, when a man brought a plate full of them near her, she started freaking out and sobbing hysterically. I just couldn't understand what make her so scared of them. Weird example I know. But realize that what many will tell you may not work for you at all.

I know that sometimes just reading a quote or some words in a book or on these forums can immediately cheer me up and get rid of my suicidal thoughts and depression but they do come back. But I can't just read, I must also take action. Easier said than done!!!!!

That being said, I know that I am worse off than you and I know you can survive and hopefully recover from your demons and be happy. I hope you can, you DESERVE to.
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I know the feeling all to well unfortunately.

Many people strive for excellence, being rich, having sex with as many people as possible, being famous, etc.

All I want is a steady, happy, quiet life. I strive to be normal. A wife and kids, that's all I ask for.

I wonder every day why I couldn't be given easier life challenges to overcome. I would quite frankly rather deal with almost anything other than my mental problems which more than likely will never allow me to have a normal life.
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