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I just wanna kill my self

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by jasonme2u, Mar 11, 2010.

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  1. jasonme2u

    jasonme2u New Member

    so like, i am having this problem at school. my teacher blames me for cheating, and the small little paper wasn't even mine! I found it under the table and my friend ask for it, so i gave it to him right and then she saw it and asked for it and she said that I will be getting a 0!! For the things that I didnt even do! I can't take this anymore! I will not have a bright future now, I might as well die right now and go to heaven where it is much more peaceful and quiet and serene. So like what's the fastest and painless way to die, I just wanna get myself out of this misery.
  2. nagisa

    nagisa Staff Alumni

    I'm sorry about what happened at school. :( It's not fair, i understand. But we don't give out methods here, SF is a support forum. But we can help you talk through what you're feeling and hopefully find a way of dealing with it that isn't self-destructive. Is there a way you could talk to your teacher about it and tell her what happened? :hug:
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    if teacher is not listening go to principal and tell what happened. take parent in with you get it cleared up Tell your friend to own up that it was his paper don't give up yet.
  4. iitywygmah

    iitywygmah Member

    This is a solvable problem, as if in court you need to present your side to the higher authority here. Schedule an appointment with the principal or Dean which ever is ava.

    School is there to teach you to become a thinking adult and now you need to show that you are. Present your case, they are by law there to listen to you and not just take the teacher word as final. Sorry to say sometimes teachers are wrong.

    During my time in H.S. I refused to read a certain book, I was not against the book I just thought this particular book was inappropriate for me and I wished to be assigned something else, according to the teacher either I read the (place explicit here) book or take a 0.

    Well I did not want a 0, so I started gathering my evidence to present my case to the Dean as to why I believe the book was inappropriate for me, I highlighted some lines in the first chapter and researched the recommended age group for this particular book and gave a little of my family background, I presented my findings first to my parents and was given their full support to go before the Dean and teacher, guess what the dean sided with me and I was given a few different choices that fit the requirements for the class and passed with flying colours.

    I did eventually read the book years later and I am still happy that I made the decision not to read it all those years back, where now I have a maturity to appreciate it.

  5. thats not a good enough reason to die, your still in highschool...you have a great future ahead of you and the worst they can do is tell your parents..which is nothing at all. tell them the truth my friend

    i went through highschool as the loser kid where everyone ignored me. when i walked at my graduation ceremony, half my class Boo'd me.

    I went to a community college because i wasn't smart enough to get into a university and it turns out i suck at community college too..i dropped out in my 2nd year.

    my parents thought i transferred over to a real college and i pretended i did and put on a fake show and everything for a whole year. lying to those who raised me for 20 years put me in alot of pain.

    my gf of 4 years just mysteriously vanished from my life just as i graduated, we promised each other that we'd stay together forever..but apparently not.

    my job laid people off and i was one of them, even though it was only a retail position i felt like shit.

    i had nowhere else to go but to the reaper himself.

    i tried hanging my self, the first attempt the wardrobe hanger broke, second time the belt broke while i was unconcious.

    i tried to OD on pills and vodka...i woke up in a puddle of vomit and diarrhea on my bed.

    I tried shooting myself but misfired the single bullet into the ground.

    i tried drowning myself..which is freaking scary...i woke up on the riverbank a few hours later.

    i felt like someone was mocking me cause i couldn't kill myself.
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