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I just want a reason

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I just want a reason, a reason to wake up a reason to bother in life. I cant remember a time in the last ten years that i was truly happy. i dont wanna go through life just surviving cos at the moment that s all it seems. i constantly feel that i am in a downward spiral that has no end and i am sick of waiting for things to get better cos they never seem to however much i try. so whats the point. i know what i wanna do but can i really do it without thinking about how it will affect the people around me, so what… i ll plaster a smile across my face and barely survive each day with the mere hope that tomorrow wont come. or i just do it, do what i want for once in my life and be happy.


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It sounds like you're hurting. Perhaps you just want the pain to stop rather than to die. Sometimes when we are very depressed and down on life and ourselves, we can't see the other options that are there.

Can you think of things that would make life better for you? What has/has not happened to make you feel so badly? Maybe if you can set a couple of goals, we can support you as you work towards them.

You don't need to answer here if you aren't ready to talk, I'm just throwing out things to think about. If you want, PM me anytime.

Thinking of you and hoping that you are staying safe,

Thats not helpful, but maybe it's at leat consolatary:
I can feel with you.

Do you believe in life after death?
I don't. Concluding to this..
[..] or i just do it, do what i want for once in my life and be happy.
You can't feel happy if you're dead 'cause you just don't feel anything anymore.

Are there still some goals in life for you?


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Hi Invisible Angel,

What a lovely name!

What we believe does not change the fact or the truth of life…

I don’t know what is happening in your life situation that brings you to feel how you feel now. What I know is that how you think and feel will change…

The reality is what we can see and feel and what is happening and beyond. What we can do is to go with the flow…do what we can…at each given moment…otherwise we suffer - psychologically…

It’s hard to define happiness, but peacefulness is something we can perceive and feel when our mind is quiet enough, not necessarily when things change...

Who knows, maybe the point of life is not what our mind thinks anyway? Maybe we can go beyond the mind and “see” the point of life, or to “know” who or what we really are? Maybe what we are is not what the mind thinks, not defined by what we do or what we have in this world…?

Also, it is possible that life experiences are for us (our souls) to learn lessons or to go beyond limitations. A lesson is repeated (through reincarnation) until it is learned...

The mind may think that it knows what we are and what we want, but how can killing one’s own life bring him or herself happiness in life? Do you see the confusion/contradiction here?

Wish you well…and hugs :hug:
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