I just want it all to end..

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by alene, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. alene

    alene New Member

    I dont know what to do, im struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts all the time. I cant remember last time i was actually happy, even when i should be happy im not. I just feel so alone and i want it all to end. I have family but i just cant be around them, because everytime i see them im reminded of what has happened to me. Its like i dont want a new chance or a new life i just want it all to end, i feel like there is nohing for me in this world. the only way im coping is with self harm trying to think of what i can do to make things better but i always come up empty, i just dont want to anymore only thing still keeping me here is that im afraid of the pain before, if that makes any sense.
    I just dont know what to do, i just feel so alone, so empty.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hi hun it is so hard to fight depression on your own I am glad you are reaching out here hun so now you are not alone you can talk here anytime and people will understand and care.
    I do hope you reach out for support in real world too hun get some help for you ok don't try to fight this alone hugs
  3. spidy

    spidy Well-Known Member

    Yeah get where ya coming from.Bloody suicide thoughts kill my nice dreams.Depression and anxiety kills my friends.But out of all this found my own inner strength and who i am and im strong.What im trying to say here is ya need to find some of yourself hard yes i know but be you not what all want you to be.We do judge our lifes on others aspects for us yet we need to look at ourselfs.Stand up everyday and look at yourself as a person not what others want you to be.We here also for support be strong and take care
  4. pickwithaustin

    pickwithaustin Staff Alumni

    I just awoke from a horrible bad nightmare dream. I have them every time I fall asleep. It is scary, but I have to sleep and so suffer through the dreams I do. A traumatic experience in my life has caused them and they will probably never go away. However, they are just thoughts and dreams and I can overcome them. You can do this too. If you cannot do this on your own, then get someone to help... or form a team of support people who can help. Reach out to the medical community, to your friends, or to peers (support groups). You CAN do this. You can fight the battle that I too face and you too can beat it in the long haul.
  5. alene

    alene New Member

    my entire life feels like a giant nightmare i cant wake up from
  6. spidy

    spidy Well-Known Member

    Life can be like that one nightmare getting help can get you through this and rediscovering yourself and fighting will too
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