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I Just want to die...

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-My parents wish I was dead (have been telling me from young age)
-i am last in my class at university
-I have no friends
-I still get bullied
-tried to get help from my uni and even a psychiatrist but they didn't help at all, instead humiliated me even more
-my worst enemies are more successful than me

I just want to kill myself and end it but I just can't do it. I have no idea how I will get through my absolute state of stagnation. Every second of my life is living hell. I sometimes ask god what did I do to deserve this hell but as far as I know, god is the devil himself.


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I may not be able to offer advice, but my heart truly goes out to you. You remind me of myself. The "absolute state of stagnation", as you call it, is heartbreaking.
sorry that this is happening

I wonder if maybe you could find a different school to go to where people would treat you better

I think that there are some bad people in the mental health field, but there are also some good people.

Maybe if you can find a better psychiatrist or therapist, things can get better

It's really awful that your parents tell you that they want you to die. Parents are really supposed to give you love and support, but all to often, parents become the primary source of their children's problems
I dunno what to do. Can't really change schools, its far more complicated and difficult than that - plus the factor of a lot of money comes in...

You seem very angry with a lot right now, it's good you feel you can let it all out here and express your emotions freely. I am glad you are reaching out, it shows you want help. University can be very stressful, exspecially if you are getting depressed by most of the stress. Are you on any medication at all? Many people go through several cousellers and therapist to find the one that suits them best, so maybe try annother one? Please don't hurt yourself keep reaching out. If you wish to talk feel free to drop me a PM :)



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It sucks that you have had such a bad time. You can come here anytime and rage about life. If your parents think these things then work as hard as you can to finish school and leave. Getting your own place might take away some of these problems. Are you on any medication? If so, do you think it works? You can pm me anytime.


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Me, go, 'home'.

Still reading "best ways to off yourself quietly"(just flirting with you, wont tell the real 'title') :ghost:

But Im scared, I am too close to death then ever must be the 'meaning', too desperate I dont want any help, I really wants to off myself. Plans are; edit <moderator total eclipse methods>
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