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I just want to die

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I have five <mod edit: *sparkle*: methods> right next to me at the moment. I don't know why I haven't killed myself yet. I'm sorry...
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total eclipse

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Hi you hope you are reachingout for some help okay like you have here. call crisis line you doctor family and get in to get some help okay please stay safe hugs:hugtackles:


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Please phone your doctor or the Samaritans somebody. There is help out there. You have made a step by posting here ,we are listening and we understand. Do get to your doctor or even to A&E and tell them how you feel,you can get help ,there will be people there who can help you.


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Hon - you don’t really want to die…that’s why…

I’ve read your other posts. I understand that you are hurting. You want to be away from your family. You are not well. You probably can use some professional help…

You are 17 now. Maybe in a year or two, you can move out. Maybe go to a college? Things change. You can be independent and live the life you want to. How you think and feel also changes. You know you want to live. You can get through this episode in life…

Please hang in there…get the help you need…stay safe…because you do want to live…

With loving wishes and hugs :hug:
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