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I just want to switch off.

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Every morning I wake up, I open my eyes, I can hear the birds in the tree's outside, I hear the sound of children laughing as a football is kicked and the low humming sound of my fan.

I process all of this as soon as I wake up and I feel calm, but...when I fully open my eyes, i start to remember how i really feel.

The only reason I'm alive right now is for those 2 seconds every morning.


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A warm welcome to SF :)

That was a lovely and touching post. I think a lot of us have related to that feeling at one time or another. Some of us more than others.

Thanks for sharing and I hope that you find the support and respite that you need here.

Keep posting or jump into the chat rooms if you prefer some real time conversation.

Please take good care of yourself because you're worth it - Kira


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Hi and welcome to SF.
I have felt similar to this in the past. It's lasted longer than 2 seconds, admittedly, but not too far off. Looking forward to seeing you around later.



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Welcome to the forum, hopefully you’ll find some helpful support here :)

I can relate a little bit to what you’re saying, for some reason I have morning anxiety, but I feel very peaceful at night. Someone once said to me that it could be because you have no idea what the day might have in store for us, and at night nothing is expected of us.

I don’t know what is causing how you feel right now, just know that someone is always around to help on here
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