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    I just needed someone to write this, so bare with me- needed somewhere to write openly and honestly without social media kicking in and people thinking im... yeah regardless

    I had the crappest day- for those of you who have seen my posts over the last 5 or so years will know and understand me. I suffer from multiple things that are not rare or special. I have emotional instability, sever anxiety, depression (comes and goes) and have been battling an eating disorder (nailing it i think :wink-new: ). have tried kill to myself ect....

    Who cares really?

    right now, i work full time have gotten my life together after my break down last year- i now study dental and am full on with the salvation army- ( working with youth in danger, homeless, overseas, mission trips ect... AND i have a boy friend.

    All those things are quite awesome and positive and things to focus on. But everyday the more I ask myself the more I really feel like, just shouldn't exist. I dunno maybe I just need a good cry.... havent done that in ages and have just passed a year of not self harming!! and it kills me everyday. I think that is the hardest thing for me at the moment. I got myself a DSLR camera to reward myself, because it was quite a milestone for myself personally.
    i find myself here on this little space on the internet to express my feelings. I am just feeling rather down tonight. Missing my friends- they all live about 3 hours away from me, and i miss them alot.

    I have a pet bird that keeps my rather happy :D his tame and loves fruit :D

    anyways i think ill down a packet of red deli sour cream and sweet chilly chips and watch some Law and Order SVu :) - does any other victims of childhood abuse, sexual abuse find themselves ever watching SVU or anything like that? let me know- or just generally chat to me, like i said my friends live far away and yeh i guess Im lonely

    ive taken enough of your time for you reading my ramble.

    from lozzie x - sorry if this makes no sense.
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    You can feel so proud of yourself...it is expected that we have days like this...maybe you can express how you feel in a photo diary and give words to the photos afterwards...continued success and glad you expressed it here
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    lozzie thank you for sharing - you should feel really good about your successes and your efforts to reach out and help others. I think it's awesome that you've battled ED and SH and are making strides in conquering these things. I'm sure there are days when a good cry is what you should allow yourself - if you need help watch a sad old movie - you know, a guaranteed tear jerker.

    I was a childhood victim and I too like to watch SVU - really like it when bad guys get it! It pisses me off though if they ever get away with it. I hope you don't mind my reply but I thought it was something I had to say and to let you know your sharing touched me. Hang in there and here's to year two of nailing ED and not doing SH! :bounce:
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    thankyou :D thats really encouraging :D
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    Your very welcome. I think for the most part is noticing that once I noticed that I conquered what i like to call my first milestone, it makes me feel good. It makes me feel that i can do anything, I changed my room around for the first time in many years and to have the energy to do that was so awesome :)
    Oh im very excited to find someone else you likes to watch SVU :D I like it when the bad guys are caught too, especially when Benson and Stabler interrogate them so much that they crack. Its like YES! take that dirt bags! haha

    Yeah i try make it 2 years :D hey thanks heaps the both of you- dead set legends!!!!!!!