i keep falling...

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    Over the last few years i ve been feeling my life has been a downfall. And from time to time i think , "hey this is the bottom , i can only go up again" but somehow i manage to dig a hole and fall inside until i reach the bottom again.

    I cant really tell if im a coward and im just avoiding my problems or i dont have the strength to deal with them. Maybe a combination of those two. I ve been depressed and had suicidal thoughts since high school from time to time but never too persistent.

    Now im 25 and life seems bitchier than ever.Very few friends , few money , no sex. I cant even study for my exams cause i feel too depressed. I ve been postponing completing my college far too long and i feel time flying by me and squeezing my guts.

    im very closed inside myself and i needed to share my thoughts somehow.

    P.S this was my first post , hello everyone :new:
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    Hey welcome to the sight glad you posted. I hope you can reach out to councillors at your school for some support. In completing you college it will help as well. I hope you are getting some therapy for your depression as well.
    Keep posting okay more will see and willgive support glad your here.