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I keep getting into arguments with my family..

I seriously don't know what is wrong with me or my family or why we argue so much its really affecting all of our mental health.. i mainly seem to always get into arguments with my grandma and aunt my grandma yells at me and gets this sassy attitude with me which annoys me so much and then she looks at me like im the one whos crazy when i say something then she mocks me and gets all sarcastic with me and calls me names too which makes me question my sanity..

My aunt well.. we constantly argue and she calls me names like "fat-ass" etc i have already explain what she calls me in my past posts. but she acts like a child seriously and shes 28. She constantly complains at me like im a bad person she said my family would be better off without me and that she didnt love me and that im fake when shes the one calling me names and saying horrible things about me.. making me question my sanity once again...

Now the police ARE involved in my situation currently about the whole abuse thing and i told my grandmother i didn't want to be here anymore if we were going to constantly argue and if your gonna do this to me and i got dressed to go to the police station but it seemed like she refused because she got undressed from her work clothes and her her home clothes on..

I seriously want to run away from my home and never look back because i hate myself and i dont want to argue, i dont want to get hurt, threatened. i just want peace of mind and i just want to rest.

Sorry for the random post.. just wanted to vent.. comments are welcome.. hope everyones doing well

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Sorry that you're going through this.

I seriously want to run away from my home
Running away would be a bad idea. It's really dangerous out there for kids.

Getting some kind of intervention, or possibly going to foster care would be better. I think you've mentioned being scared of foster, but you could talk about that with a child abuse counselor, maybe they could reassure you.

www.childhelp.org 1-800-4-a-child

I’m sorry about your situation. You feel trapped. Try not to run away and be homeless. I’ve done it. Being homeless. It sucks really bad. You don’t deserve that.
I just got into another argument with my aunt the same aunt that calls me names, blackmails me and says crap about me in my face and behind my back.. she called me a coward and said "i couldn't handle shit" and i tired writing on a piece of paper all of the tough times ive been through (some are triggering btw!!) to prove that i can handle stuff and that im not a coward and i gave her the paper to read and she just crumbled it up into pieces and ripped it in front of my face.. what the hell is wrong with her?!?!
Sorry that your aunt is abusing you in this way
what the hell is wrong with her?!?!
There's really no getting around the fact that she's just an awful person. On top of that, there just seems to be a lot of abuse in your family. Maybe she feels like abuse is somehow normal or ok, or that the abuse is just going to filter down to someone, so she's going to make sure it goes to you instead of her.

She may also feel bitter about the position that she's in in life, so she's dealing with that in a really unhealthy way.

I wonder if you had some email contact with your mom, she might be willing to explain what the family dynamics were like for her. It might shed some light. It might also be a way to get to know your mom better.


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im 14. and shes 28. and shes treating me like this.
That is sad when you are upset but behaving more as the adult. When a person is 14, they still are a kid and still learning, experiencing and maturing you cut them some slack especially if you are 28 and hopefully have gained a bit of wisdom from living, you pass that down to them. When I was 14 I did not know Jack Shit or his brother Bull, at 28 I finally considered myself as gaining adulthood. At 57 I wish I could tell my younger self, hey you ARE stupid, wait until you grow a bit before becoming such a know it all pain in the ass and be a better person to others.

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I'm sorry your copping so much abuse. Being 14 is hard because with your hormones all fucked up its hard to be strong. But you sound strong and like your going through a lot. Is there anyone in your family you find comfort in being around? Perhaps a friend? Could you stay with someone else? Even if it's just for a while to give yourself a break. Your family sounds toxic and I hope you can find the strength to keep going until you can be independent
just got into another argument with my family and my grandpa said i didnt have issues when i do and then my anger problems got triggered again because they dont understand me even if i tell them my issues there not gonna believe then OK why the hell am i on meds and why do i have a therapist when i "DONT have issues?" huh? im just so mad right now.. all my mom had to do was stay away from my dad they werent married when they had me anyway and i wouldn't be a "problem" to my family...

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