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I keep running the days because I'm just so unhappy with everything


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I'm not happy with my roommate. I'm not happy with all of the backpeddling of whatever "agreements" we had years ago. I'm not happy with who he's with as a fiancee who's supposed to come here soon, don't know when.

I'm not happy with my financial situation. I'm not happy how I don't get a straight answer from ANYONE about my unemployment concerns. I'm not happy about the job market available to me, because I keep getting sit down, call center garbage jobs that I don't want more of. I sit around a lot at home as it is. I'm not happy being broke all the time. I'm not happy that my mental and physical states are gradually deteriorating because there isn't a single fucking affordable way to upkeep them.

So I just keep pissing the days away because I've got no ambition or will to pretend and make believe that things will be or are going okay. Just waste time clicking around, autopiloting, then masturbate and go to bed pretty much. Day done, rinse and repeat until something fucking significant happens.


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I'm sorry you're hurting so much, @Cytrix. It certainly does sound like a lot of trouble to deal with all at once. Do you think that things might improve once things open up a bit more, and there may be more employment opportunities available to you? If so, then maybe you can change your living situation. One thing that can often make a world of difference, is just that: changing your environment (which, in turn can change your outlook... sometimes, on life). I know it's hard right now, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Just got to keep going a little further, and then see what happens? I wish you all the best!


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Also, just wanted to say that. . . I very much know the feeling, you're feeling -- that of, "running the days!" Take care of yourself, and we're here if you need us. :)

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