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I killed myself 8 Years ago

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I really hope i didnt survive through.

I think all e long i've been suffering from serious depression. I get work up when things dun go smooth, i get irritated when other cross my path. and when im pile up wif losta work i feel like crying.

8 years ago, my bf (now ex) left me for another gal he know barley 2 months. He is not my first love, but its true feelings and we were nearly settling down. but he betrayed my love. I was upset, very upset. I started having suicide thots when mum begin to nag at me. I got fed up, and started slashing myself on the wrist. I didnt feel pain. I cud remember, i ran to my father's altar and plead for forgiveness and i want him to bring me along.

All i cud remember, i repeatly slash myself hard wif a broken glass. nx moment, my maid saw the amt of blood and got me a bathing towel to wrap e wound. but it didnt stop, it over flow the whole towel.

I was feeling cold, my mum sent me to the hospital. My bro accompanied me to the operating theatre. i fell asleep.

when i woke up, there was 38 stitches on my left wrist. Every night, i gotta apply the medicine all by myself. And i've repeatly stop having the idea of suiciding.

many years when by, and ive started working in a automotive company. im stressed wif my work. and things dun work out the way i want. im not too sure if its depression leading me to suicide, or im tired.

im lost!
Not open for further replies.

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