I kinda hate her right now

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    My best friend and I have been best friends for nearly half of my life. I love her so much and will always love her but she's becoming someone I dont know. She started doing drugs, not all the time or anything but I personally think at all is too much. And after her first experience she cried to me and said she never would again. My best friend would never have done it again, this new girl who does E and tried acid and constantly wants to get drunk I dont know who she is. Not even a year and a half ago her and I got matching tattoos, today I just found out she covered hers with another tattoo. It feels like a slap in the face, like her covering it means she doesn't care about me anymore. And im so angry at her because she is a spoiled brat. Her parents pay for everything, she hasn't had a job in years but they paid for her to go to school in hawaii for a year. And they paid for this new tattoo of hers and they paid for her to get her collar bone pierced, any time she asks they give her money. And how does she repay them? by doing drugs and using that money on alcohol? I want to slap her in the face and say grow the fuck up. I absolutely love her mom, they are not rich but she works hard to give her children anything they want because she had a rough childhood. Her mom just wants to show her all the love in the world, and supports her on every thing, they are the best and closest family I have ever seen. And THIS is how she repays them? Me and our other best friend have always been there for her and loved her and this is how she treats us? Because she's "bored with life" i just want to scream at her and say fuck you! I've never been this angry or felt this way about her before. It makes me so sad that im losing my best friend and I dont know what to do.
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    unfortunately you cant' do anything she has to want to quit. You can perhaps guide her to detox let her mom know where the money is going too. Perhaps mom needs to stop supplying her with money. You can only talk with her and if it gets too much say she is on her own don't let her drag you down with her.
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    I'll agree with Violet, guide her, let her know the path she is going down is not a good one.
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    Wow, that must be hard on you, especially the tattoo thing. :( Maybe she has some problems in her present / past and she's using drugs to escape it. Try talking to her about why she's acting that way?? Let her know how much it's hurting you and if she's a good friend she will stop.. but seeing how drugs are addictive she will probably need some help. If all else fails going to her mother seems like a good idea, just letting her know you're thinking of telling her mother will be enough to stop her being so reckless.
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    I can relate to you so much, Tara. It's uspetting how people change;One minute, they're one person, but the next, they're someone else. Try guiding her, and help her when she needs it.
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    I'm really sorry to hear about that.....watching people change into someone you don't respect is really hard. It sounds like you don't approve of her lifestyle, but you can still approve of her, you know? Maybe you could try not hanging out with her or talking to her and she'll get a hint that you aren't respecting of her lifestyle.

    The tattoo thing really sucks, too. I would feel really hurt if I were you, too. I hope your friend is just going through a phase/smartens up, and you guys will be cool again. I hope you can help her do that!
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    That is so unfortunate.. I was on the other side.. I pushed away any friends who didn't get high.. My girlfriend even offered me her virginity to get me to straighten up..I turned her down and took her home.. I told her to find someone else because I was no good for her..It took me 32 years to quit useing drugs and another two to quit drinking.. The only way she's going to stop is if she wants to..You can talk to her and tell her your concerns and that you want your old friend back but I am afraid if she's addicted already you will be wasting your time..I wish you all the best...