I knew I shouldn't try again. I tried and got burned

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    I hesitate to write this. But I will anyway.

    2 weeks ago I heard that there was a therapist who is covered by medicare and medicaid. And she treats eating disorders. So I thought, why not. I had interviewed her 15 +- years ago and was not impressed. But she changed her name. ( which was a pork product) and she no longer worked in the back of a chocolate factory. So those were good signs. :D and well..... she was covered by medicare and medicaid.

    I thought it was odd that she could take me in 2 days. I knew she didnt have a lot of clients even though she has been practicing for decades and is in her 60s.

    I made sure the insurance thing was all settled before hand. And I also sat in her office and had her call medicaid to hear for herself that I was covered. In my neive mind, I thought this would absolve me from owing her if medicaid did not pay. they have always paid every participating provider. Never once in 3 years have they not. But I felt something odd here. She had it confirmed. they would pay. so for the first time in 3 years I had a therapy session. First time ever it was for the ed, amongst other things surrounding it.

    Today I got an email from her telling me medicaid will not pay because my middle innitial is missing. And my middle innitial is on record with medicare. So I owe her that money, What? They have paid for 3 years with no problem. And now she is telling me what I owe her for last week and again for tomorrow.

    She did not even have the presence of heart to call me on the phone to discuss it with me. So I could call medicaid and try to straighten this out. Even though she knew I live way below the poverty line. She was completely willing to just tell me what I owe her for last time and tomorrow.

    I was then perfectly willing to send her an email telling her this is the first time in 3 years this has ever happened. And that I would be mailing her the check for last week. And cancelling all future apts.

    I cannot risk being in therapy with her. It is financially dangerous. What if the next time she has a problem she doesnt find out for a month? Its possible with medicare/medicaid. And she had me sign a legal document saying I would be responsible for everything that was not paid by insurance.

    The odd thing is that 3 years ago I was in therapy. I was put on medicare. the therapist was not a provider with medicare. She told me not to worry. She would find a way to keep me as a client because I am an existing client. She knew what social security was giving me per month. She knew it was way below the poverty line. The next apt she told me what she would charge me. 40% of what I get from disability !!!!!! I was an existing client. she was going to keep me on at 70 dollars a week. .... 3 years ago. I was crushed.

    The time before that I tried therapy I had no coverage for it. It was about 20 years ago. The therapist told me he had a slot for me to pay scale. I went for the intake. he kept me there asking questions for 2 hours. He was hard core. And i was very dissociative. So he knew I was not well at all. Thats why he kept me there for 2 hours. I got a bill in the mail for full fee double session. I sent the check to him along with a letter asking if it was a mistake. Very polite letter. I never heard from him. And he cashed the check. He was a respected psychologist.

    So as you can see, therapy is not for me. I think its a "murphy's law" kind of thing. Just horrible. I already mailed the woman her check. And thats that. done with the idea of trying therapy again. I am too poor to risk it. too poor to risk being in therapy

    Please, if you are someone who tells people to just buck up, and get over the ed, can you please try really hard to not write it here? Or if you want to tell me that I am loved by God, maybe you can just say a prayer for me instead of responding. thanks
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    What ever happened to the Hippocratic oath..........turns the air blue!
    Money grabbing *****!
    They should have their licenses revoked!
    My therapist was so different, when I was skint he either waived payment and/or dropped the price.
    Don't go back to this woman she's only interested in cash and I should imagine her "therapy" is as crap as her attitude!

    Are there no ed group therapies? That might be a safer (cash wise) alternative and better than nothing.
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    oh hun dam her Can you not call medicade yourself and get this straighten out so you can get reimburse you money i am sorry you were burnt again hugs
  4. flowers

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    Thanks Terry and V.
    I DO not know what happened to the hippocratic oath. But it has been largely extinct for many years. Growing more extinct in each passing year. Thats my opinion. ( a soapbox moment, lol)

    She answered my email where I told her I would pay for the one week. And cancel tomorrow and terminate therapy. She said in her email response that she thinks I am a good candidate for therapy and she hopes i will get this straightened out and continue. And that she will waive the 20% comp for last week. Of course she will. She needs the money my therapy will generate. I am out the door. And shes trying to recoup her potential loss of 480 dollars a month. But I know that something similar or worse could happen the next time. So i sent her back an email saying the check is already in the mail and said: "be well" ( which is a polite way of saying fini).

    I think she will just let it go. She has a strong Buddhist practice. So i do not think she will make any more of a mess. Sadly not many therapists can be participating providers with medicare. They only accept PhDs in psychology and also LCSWs. All others cannot be participating providers. And Nurse practioners as well.

    V, I can call medicaid and have it straightened out. And I will call them. But truthfully, I do not think there is a problem. She is the only one who has had this problem with a missing middle innitial. maybe she points it out to them on the phone. Because she said another client had the same thing happen. But I have seen a lot of different providers recently. and it all went well for reinbursement. Plus, I do not want to ask this therapist to resubmit. In 3 years they have never denied reimbursement. Its worth it to just have written the check and been rid of her. No more interactions.
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    :hug: I am so sorry this happened to you. What a $%^&*!
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    Thanks Mo. The odd thing is that I keep defending her in my mind. And thinking I am wrong for having reacted as I did. Old programming sure does keep giving and giving. The never ending gift. I just wish I could get help. next lifetime, definately !!!
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    sorry this happened to you.