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I knew you'd do it...


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...but I till can't belive you did it NOW...friday night a friend of mine was found by his mother...<Edit moderator total eclipse method>
A classmate told me on monday morning...I wasn't shocked...and yet I don't really miss him because we had not talked to each other a few weeks already. But it feels strage...We all knew he was depressed. but he had just come home from psychiatry and seemed to get better. we were all hoping he was...
kind of tearing me down to be honest but as i sad: i don't miss him...it's just...i feel helpless! because all my friends are so down and i cant to anything about it. They can't accept he's gone...but he is. and I knew it-i fucking knew he was going to do it! Should I have told somebody? i don't think so. it's his right to leave when it becomes too much. It's ok...he gone now and does not have to suffer anymore...
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Im sorry your friend did not get well I hope his family has support to help them through such a hard time I hope the school has councillors available as well for the students that did know him hugs:hugtackles:


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the best gift you can give them right now is YOU, support them , even by just being there, you are right by their side and in10 years time, they will remember you were there for them when the times were rough.

its people like you who i think are the heroes in life, the ones who will give a helping hand no matter what situation it is.

do not blame yourself inany way,before we could help him he needed to help himself. hes in a better place now, hes with god.

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