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I know how to walk...boast for me!

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I know how to walk.
Not pavement pedometering ,door to door quick steps,neither neighbourhood struts nor shuffles either but proper long distance moral sapping hikes.
Foot mutating mega rambles into mental hell and back out the other side...the sunny side that is. :)

I could walk through a Tolkien novel,no word of a lie.

You see,when I was a teenager,I used to walk everywhere.Moon cadet wanderings of a sort,a mix between chronic mental illness and Tom Weir.

Haven't lost it either.Recent tests have proved positive in their outcome.

Do you like to walk?Yes! you reading this you cheeky fellow (or naughty madame).

Or are you a major amateur talent in another field of human achievement?

What are you good at?

Past glories are welcome. ;)
Not open for further replies.

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