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I know I should be grateful but...

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morning rush

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what the hell is wrong with you? crying every night for no reason, having to go to sleep early because otherwise the pain keeps seeping in...I'm tired of the crying and the pain everytime you think of mom, of being alone, having no life....your life isn't that bad...you can write, watch tv, movies...you got two pet guinea pigs...okay you dont have any friends at the moment but you have a mom that loves you and would do anything for you...why isn't that enough? why can't you stop crying and be in pain every day?????

I wish I knew what to do to stop it....

sincerely yourself...


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Sorry you're hurting hun. Sometimes it feels like even breathing makes ya want to cry. I'm doing the same thing. Early to bed just as a way to keep the bad crap out. It's like something is completely in control and I'm just along for the ride. Here if you want to talk :arms:
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