I know this is stupid but...

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  1. morning rush

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    I don't know where to post this...

    I have fears of spiders but I don't wish them any illness...I usually manage to throw the ones I find in my apartment outside...because I know there's no flies or other insect and it would die here...(I did kill some though, which I am kind of ashamed) but now it's getting close to winter and very cold out...I have a spider in my living room ceiling...and I know it's weak because it's starving to death...I don't want to throw it outside and I don't want to kill it...but then I'm thinking that maybe killing it would be merciful...I know this is ridiculous to worry about but I can't help it...

    I guess I'm going completely insane
  2. Moat

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    Not to worry, I am terrified of spiders also and refuse to go anywhere near one, living or dead nor so much as touch or even walk in the same place where I saw one sitting for up to months on end.
    The thing about spiders and all other insects and bugs is that they always go to the place where food is bound to be plentiful and after a while, if they end up not snagging a meal, they will move off somewhere else for it, so the best course of action you can take is, if your phobia is not as severe as mine (where the spider has got to die, no matter what) then simply leave it be and it will find its way to its next meal on its own but if you really want to give it a helping hand, then coax it up into the rafters of your ceiling or beneath the house - dark and dank places where bugs most like to breed and live.
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    well I live in a brand new building...there's no insect here at all..only spiders. and since there will be snow soon, I'm not sure how that would work out for it...I kind of decided to suck it up into the vacuum...it's not the first time that spiders die here...in the halls there were a lot of spider skeletons because they couldn't find anything...normally in the summer, when I see them I manage to trap them and throw them out where there are plenty of meal for it...but now it's too cold...I just hate killing things because I believe they deserve to live as much as any of us...I have problems with death I think...maybe I should work on that

    edit: forgot to say thanks for replying :) it made me feel a bit better...
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    You don't need worry about him. There are always things crawling about that he can catch. Other spiders, for one.

    I sometimes worry about the little guys, too, but if there's no food they'll move on.