i know this will sound bad


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but does anyone else who's spouse left feel like you'll
never feel the physical love of another again?

I guess i don't mean the sex act itself so much as just the
kissing,caressing,feeling someone you love touch you.

i know it sounds petty but that is what i miss the most
i have been sexually incapable for a couple of years due
to my MS and other medical conditions,but i miss feeling
her touch me.

for 20yrs her touch was all i knew,her touch made me feel
like a man even though i couldn't have regular sex with her
i did other things to try and compensate.

now all i hear is how he has sex with her constantly and how
she always thought i was pathetic even though for 18yrs i was
a normal functioning man.

i even went through the embarrassment of talking to a doctor
about getting some procedure or medication so i could perform
anything to save my marriage.


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after our daughter was born..she's 6 now.

My wife really changed,she started openly flirting with men
going out "with the girls" way more,even stopped wearing her
wedding ring..heck she even pretty much wanted nothing to
do with our children.

She quit her nursing job and took a manager job at a large
restaurant franchise and basically got weird.

Sex was always part of our marriage but she went wild, all
the time anywhere..and started being mean about it..if it
didn't go on for hours she would berate me and call me a
pathetic joke.

I know its hard to believe sex was enough to make a marriage
fall apart and i think something happened in her mind after our
daughter was born..

Now of course there were money troubles caused by my disability
but we were making it,we had bought our dream home 2 nice vehicles
nothing fancy but we were making it.

i can't explain it i just can't

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