I know this will sound pathetic and stupid

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    Today was a somewhat disappointing day at work. Work wise it was okay I guess, but socially it just sucked as usual. I watch other people talk and communicate with ease at work and I just feel like shit. There is a girl at work. She has been there for several months now. She would work in my area initially. I have never had much to say to her and I know I have made the impression that I'm some creepy weirdo. Lately, I've been thinking about her and wishing that I could talk to her more. I try to suppress these feelings because the last thing I need is to get rejected by someone at work. Well, today was the first time in months that I ended up working with her on the same line. I tried to be helpful, but a couple of times I just came off awkward. We didn't talk much though. There was another guy who is a big talker and had no problem connecting with her. In fact, a few other guys would come by our work area and converse with her. The only really time she and I conversed was when she asked me something pertaining to work and I could barely answer her. It reminded me of the other times she and I "worked together" I'm just not good at talking and I honestly hate myself for it. It gets me thinking of a friend ( I guess this person could be called that) who once said to me, " you don't know how to communicate" Maybe that person was right. I'm so sick of life and feeling like this. I don't want to go through the rest of my meaningless life socially awkward. I just feel so inept. I'm sorry for rambling like this.
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    Maybe it would help if you didn't build up the importance or the significance of the encounter? And just treated it like any other nonchalant interaction... In other words, pretend she is not so special, and likable; so it's no big thing! In the back of your mind of course you'll know and understand how desirable this is. But for the time being--that is, while the dialogue is taking place--just act like it's a normal and natural every day conversation. Think of it like an interview. You're selling yourself, so to speak. Is that who we actually are-100%? Yes, and definitely no. We may emphasize the better aspects of our character, and minimize those that arelesser desirable. It can be done! Just don't put a ton of pressure on the situation and it will make it easier to pull off... At least, that's probably what would work for me.