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I know what i am(language)

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All my life I was treated like shit by guys, walked all over, and used. I was raped at 17, my fault for being stupid. I was used over and over again by countless guys. One guy held me down and choked me while he "fucked" me and said I'd like it because he knew i was a freak. another guy told me to take it like the slut I was..so yeah okay I'm a fuckin whore I deserve what I get, I deserve the shit. How can sorry ever cover the surface of all the fuckin' memories you brought back to me? How could saying you were drunk ever make it okay? Sure, okay you drank, sure I forgive you for basically calling me a worthless whore. Sure I forgive you for making me feel like all I'm worth is having my legs spread. Sure fuck away my self worth, fuck away my life, what the fuck do I care anymore!!!!! I'm clearly just a two bit whore, a worthless slut, a fuckin piece of garbage. Why do I deserve to live if thats all I'm good for?!! Why do I deserve to be here?!!! You think you know what youve done to me but you don't. You want to say I'm blaming you for my fuckin baggage FUCK YOU!!! I blame you for being a drunken asshole, I blame you for being a piece of shit, yeah you are, and I hope you fuckin wallow in it. I hope you wallow so low that you fuckin' ROT!! I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU. FUCK YOU!!!! Fuck you for making me feel like this! What because I'm fat and no one could possibly love me all I'm worth is this!! Fuck my mind won't stop, my brain won't shut down.



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:cry: I'm crying. Sorry if I don't type this well.

You are not nothing, you really are something. You are a strong, wonderful person. You are not any of those bad things. And it is never in any way your fault if you are sexually abused, assaulted, raped, whatever. I know this because people keep telling me it wasn't my fault. What choice do I have but to believe them?

I'm so sorry you've had these experiences Kells, I really am. I'm here for you if you ever want to talk about it.

:hug: :hug: x x x
Kells please please please don't let him affect you like. Please don't harm yoursel fover that because its not worth it. What was said was out of order, no way is that your fault!! don't take it as it is. Its one person's fault. Thats it. Please stay safe.


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Kelly, you're better than him. It was his mistake. He's an ass. Please don't think this way... please don't believe him. He's wrong.

Hugs, :hug:
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Kells if u let this low life piece of shit, who thinks a quick "sorry I was drunk" makes everything hunky dory, get you down or make you feel worthless I will personally whoop your bum :ohmy:

Let it go hun, he aint worth your time:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
Kells, you're not a whore. These guys who treat you like one are morons. Any guy who treats any woman like that isn't worth even wasting your thoughts on. You're a great woman Kell, and you're with a good guy I hope. Try not to let the idiots get to you. Karma will bite them in the arse and if they continue to treat women like that they'll end up very lonely and unloved, but you are loved hun. And not for whats in your pants. (You're loved for your burps :wink: ) :hug:
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