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i know what i have to do

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I absolutely want to scream. I just don't know if what I'm thinking is right or normal or OK or whatever. And I have no one to talk to. It's all just inside my head where I think it's OK as long as the me inside is OK. Which makes no sense. I guess it's like you can work at a sucky job you hate, but still be you and be OK with a sucky job. I expressed my anger and J. reacts with an angry disrespectful attempt to put me in my place. So do I need anything else to tell me to never see him again? No. I know it. I don't even really like him. I've just been having fun inside my own brain while he's the warm body next to me. And the sex is not fun. And I am so nice and suportive of him and don't say all the mean tihngs i could because i have chosen not to be that kind of person anymore. This situation really does not take a lot of brain power to figure out. And I can't get at what makes me even waste 10 minutes on this. OK. I'm out. J. is on his own.


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Hi there,

Sorry for my late reply.. i hope it helped to write this post. Have you thought more about J? Did you talk to him at all? I hope that it went ok and that you're doing ok today.

Thinking of you
Jenny x
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