i know what im gonna do

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What makes you want to kill yourself, if you don't mind my asking? Is something(s) wrong all of a sudden or has something(s) gotten worse recently? I think it might help to talk it over with us - many of us are having the same feelings inside often. I myself think of suicide every day, I just don't act on it cause I know - rationally - that it wouldn't solve anything but would only make things worse for those left behind. Even if you think no one would care if you died, or would miss you, someone would :sad: - you just don't know it. Please stick around and tell us what's gone so badly that you feel this way. We will listen to you and offer our love and support and suggestions.:smile: I care what happens to you.:smile: We care here.:smile: :smile: We're a loving group of international friends who care about each other. Please let us listen to your problems and perhaps relieve some of your stress.

sending you love and hugs and support and hope, lots of hope,


Where there's life, there's hope. Really.:smile:
i always fuck up. i feel like everyone hates me. I even hate me. I probably hate myself more than anyone else. people would remember me if i killed myself thats for sure. the people that even hated me will love me. just die damn it.....i wish i would
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