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    long nights and silent fights,
    just you and i,
    alone under the blazing, baleful glare
    of sterile white lights

    the chair under me is warm,
    but the table beneath me is cold
    above the light i can see the cross,
    all twisted and slick like the needle in my arm;

    i feel so alive
    i feel so dead
    i've never felt so alive
    i've never felt so cold

    my love,
    is poison in your tea
    your love,
    is poison in me

    the sugar is in the shade,
    the baby in the basket,
    those who live by the dirt,
    surely die beneath the spade;

    the monster you love
    is the man you fear

    i'm the cut that never heals,
    the cough that always kills;
    i am life's angry boil
    festering and full

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.