I know.

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    I know, righto. I did some bad things and said some awful things to people. I said some ridiculous shit and it cost me the girl of my dreams for YET ANOTHER several months. But I've learned. I have fucking well suffered enough, being lonely and looking the other way whilst my mates all make out with dirty slut girlfriends but at least they are getting some. I get nothing. I'm bloody well by myself still. My punishment can be over. I've learned now. My parents don't care. They think I should be over it by now. I can't talk to them about anything now when I used to, even if I always felt worse and stupid and guilty after talking to them. This pain is enough. I promise to keep my mouth shut and show respect now. I've learned to not take what I have for granted because it could all be whisked out from underneath me in a day like last time.