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I Laughed Today

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truly laughed...felt like the old times when I felt like an intact person...it was so good to feel that way...something I have not felt in over a year...I am crying thinking about how 'impaired' my life is right now, and how much of a struggle it is to maintain feeling like a good person when I feel that I must have done something gravely wrong to be strickened like this (I know this is not true, but I feel this way anyway) ...but, I will not forget that I laughed today...a few moments of freedom where I was not the 'gimp' in the wheelchair, but instead, a more whole me...G-d please bring me more moments of laughter...I need to restore my soul...J
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It sounds as if you had turned some kind of a corner - maybe a new part of your life is beginning. If you are interested, please let me have your birthdetails - date, place and time of birth - by private message and I will have a look into what is currently moving through your life and what things are ahead of you, to look forward to. If you so wish, I will tell you a bit more about either here or by private message, whichever you prefer.

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Thanks A for the insights and support...It is truly difficult to hold on to, as one can imagine...there is always something out there to dump in your cereal, so to say...just after I told a friend about this experience, she sent 5 texts how I can improve myself...just got a little out of the hole, and someone, unintentionally, was kicking dirt in it...she meant no ill will, but it sure was poor timing...her expectations are that I act like a 'happier' person in my professional life, and I was pleased, half dead and constantly in pain and vomiting, showing up...it does prove that our self worth cannot be continguent upon what another says, no matter how close s/he is to you...but it took a couple of days to not feel angry/depressed, but I realized that no one can take away my accomplishments from me...they are mine...J


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Sometimes you gotta protect those first little green shoots of happiness like a mother hen against the well-intentioned but clumsy trampling people. They grow at their own pace and all that is organic takes its own sweet time. When I was working at a garden centre (like a millennium ago), the biggest and most common mistake people would do is over-watering and therefore, literally drowning their plants. That gives a whole new meaning to "raining over your parade". I am sure there is much more laugh where that one was coming from. I hope this post find you feeling better.
Take th

Take These Broken Wings
And learn to fly again
And learn to live so free.
And when we hear the voices sing,
The book of love will open up
And let us in.

From the eighties song
By Mr. Mister



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I sure hope the lyrics to that song is right, A...because my 'broken wings' have almost broken me...the most frightening part of this disease is how it has caused me to test my faith, without which, I felt so lost...finding my way back...the story of Job has been very inspiring!
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