i let it all out too frequently

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    sometimes, i get upset with people around me, like it was with my ex who cheated on me. I called him and said a lot of bad things, cause i felt so bad and i needed to let it all out on him... time passed and i regret what i did. I think it was wrong, I just made myself look like a hysteric woman.
    And it happens from time to time, if I get upset or mad, I find someone who I believe is guilty in that, and start a fight.
    Can someone, please, tell me, how to manage my anger and emotions, how to stop hurting people who hurt me, how to be above all that?
    I don't want to look like a mad person anymore
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    oh god, i cant even tell you how many times ive made myself look like a screaming banshee, and in public too. guys just do that, especially the ones that know us well, they know which buttons to press and they dont stop till we are mad w/ rage, then they have the audacity to accuse us of being the insane ones! :argh: I have one hell of a temper and i struggle everyday to control it. some of the things i do which sometimes help is to(depending on the situation): not care what anyone thinks, try not to take things personally, have a 'whatever' attitude, make a joke of it.
    most of all, if im angry at someone, like my ex, i write an angry letter with all the things i wanna say to him, cry my eyes out, scream into my pillow, sleep, then when im feeling a bit calmer, i write a new letter, in a more mature tone, where you are rational and philosophical, with an attitude like 'you know what, im better than you and i can be the grown up one here', show a side that he doesnt think you have.
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    I'll try that, thank you...