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I like most people better when they don't say anything

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Why are people such jerks? And if you call them out on being a jerk to someone else they double down and start insulting or labelling you. Now you're "overly protective" or "too sensitive" or [insert several other less-PC terms that I won't use but they sure will].

I don't spend much time socializing, but some activities by definition involve other people. And will always include people that I don't know well at some point or other. Invariably some of these people are jerks. Depending on the activity, it may be impossible to avoid one person without abandoning 10+ others. I would like people to have some damn maturity. I think due to my depression and also the time I have spent in SF's support community, I have become even more "sensitive" and "protective". Which makes it harder to be social. Which makes me more depressed. Now you're getting the picture.

I just don't want to have to deal with people like this. If they want to be in a group of all jerks and they are jerks to each other all day, go for it. Don't involve me. Don't join a social group or event thinking you are gonna put people down that haven't done a damn thing to you. If someone makes an extremely minor mistake that you can see could have been easily made, don't drive by them later yelling inappropriate and inaccurate things at them out of your car window. When you're a grown adult with a family in the car. Seriously.

Stuff like this makes me think of abandoning all social activities. Well, I certainly have lessened them over the years due to stuff like this. Or maybe there is a new social activity that involves all participants 100% not being able to speak (no voice, no text, nothing).

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Don't let a few jerks ruin people for you. Humans are social beings and without it we can feel isolated. As long as you realise there is something wrong with them, not you. If you allow them to isolate you then they win. I just think f them, they won't win
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