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    Its so fucking pathetically hilarious. I dont know how to put this. I dont even know where to start.

    Okay so lets say you have a new house and its good. You need new things for your new house and its good too. Then you find out that your daughter has depression. What you do is you buy more new things for the new house and let your daughters mental health check up waiting on the side.

    What does the daughter feel? Who knows? No one coz its insignificant!

    Ha and people said telling my parents would be a great help

    I regret it. I never shouldve told anyone. This is why I wanted to die in the first place. Well la dee da I guess its back to plotting ways to kill myself..
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    I was talking about this earlier in chat (about me and my siblings), my siblings don't understand. They think my illness is an excuse for laziness. Have they spoken to you at all about it? How old are you? You sound like a strong person though with your head screwed on, if they do not care find someone who does.
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    Hi, yeah sometimes when I can't do anything at all they'll tell me how lazy I am and they'll give me the looks and shit. How helpful, right? Idk, I'm kinda getting tired of explaining to people what's going on. Btw, I'm 20 yrs old.
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    I totally get how you feel. I kept my depression to myself for years, and then when I finally got the courage up to actually tell my family about it because they were wondering why I was acting so differently than I used to and complaining that I was keeping everything in, I sincerely regretted bothering to tell them. All I got as a response was that I was being ridiculous and I was fine. Of course, cause ''My daughter can't possibly have depression. That would mean I did something wrong as a parent and we all know that's not true because I always do everything right.'' That's kind of my mother's line of thinking when it comes to that. She's more worried about how my mental illness reflects on her image as a parent than on me, that's why she outright refuses to accept that I even have a such a thing. But I'll tell you what, when I started doing drugs, she couldn't deny that that was real. Although, granted, instead of realizing that it was because I suffered from anxiety and depression for years and they never bothered trying to get me any help or even acknowledge it for that matter, she instead chalked to up to be some sort of moral deficiency. That I was just selfish and decided to do drugs just for the hell of it, because I was an idiot. So, again, nothing to do with anything she's ever done. All my fault. So, after a few very futile tries at trying to get my family to understand what I was going through, I finally gave up cause I realized there's nothing I can do about their ignorance. And that if I wanted to get any help, I'd have to do it myself. Like Petal said though, there are people out there who will care. Even if your family doesn't.
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