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I lived again

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well I survived again and I thought I was ready to go turns out I was wrong either way I will be ok no more stupid attempts for me no more trying its not the way to be free hopefully someone will listen this time maybe someone will understand I do not want to live in this country or work for humans anymore maybe someone will help me get my dream I just want to be free to do what I want when I want and how I want

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Hi hun i am glad you survived i do hope someone listens and helps you. sometime though we have to make them see and listen okay we have to go to hospital and tell them outright i need help now. hugs


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I know of a promise; a world of no more pain and death. A world where even the animals do not kill and eat as everyone else does on vegitation. Nothing but peace, and love. A place where there is no more suffering or confusion of any kind. But I can tell you this; you'd never see it by suicide. This is where I put my hope in, and what I strive for. Blessings..


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I died I was classed as diceased for 30 mins but I will not go into what I saw because A no one would belive me and B it would end peoples religons and faiths and I wont take them away all I will say is suicide is a choice and for some its right for some there pain can never be fixed telling people they will never be at peace if they commit suicide is the worst sin you can perform it is evil and wicked and the next person that tells someone that suicide is wrong and they will go to hell I will send there myself it is a choice that is all it is nothing more nothing less the people left behind will always be devistated and in pain but for someone to make the choice there pain must of been ten times worse so don't you ever tell me you will never be at peace if you commit suicide what you should do is try to show the person why they should not do it try to understand why they want to do it etc.

Ok rant over now I am safe I just want to go home from the hospital and start planning my new life.
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