I look back on when I was depressed. If I could go back in time and tell myself...

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    All the GOOD things that were going to happen to me...I wouldn't have believed a word of it.

    I've been through horrible times, but the good times have been so soothing and my point is that the you in the future is probably looking back at you now and thinking "Hold on...you have no idea how good it's going to get."

    Thinking like this really helps me, just think back to something good you didn't expect, and realize there are a lot more of them to come in the future.
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    The Laws of Balance & Compensation

    Calling For Help – The Laws Of Balance And Compensation​

    In God all energies and aspects are perfectly balanced and the whole of Creation bears witness to and reflects this. The Universal law of Karma, with its subdivisions of the laws of balance and compensation, ensures that anything in God’s Creation that becomes unbalanced has to be put right again at some point. The Universal laws see to it that when we have been going through difficult times, patiently enduring whatever was necessary to restore the required balance in us and our lives, some kind of compensation and reward eventually comes our way. During the times when our soul seems to be walking through a great deal of darkness, it is our birthright to call for Divine help to show us how to transmute all darkness within ourselves and our world into light, the light and wisdom of experience. God and the Angels can and will help us, though only when we call, to change even the greatest evil into Highest good for all life and, therefore, also for us. God is waiting to help us and our world to transmute all sorrow, pain and suffering into joy and happiness.

    We do well never to forget that in God all things are possible and that – if we but ask and trust:

    • All crooked corners can be made straight;
    • Out of apparent evil there can eventually come much good;
    • And all conditions can be healed.

    The Universal laws of balance and compensation ensure that everything always turns out well in the end, no matter how dire things sometimes may look, on the surface of things. And that is also why from the evils of our common and individual Karma of all lifetimes, vast amounts of good are bound to come to us and or planet. Yet, they can only be brought about with the help and the will of God, never by humankind alone. ‘The Father/Mother doeth all the work’, as pointed out in the legend of the Master Jesus. Let’s add to this: ‘And all of Creation rejoices and lets It, while I do my best to help the miracle of the healing of our world and everything that is in it, to the best of my ability.’

    Naturally these laws apply when catastrophes have to be coped with or when particularly difficult problems arise in our lives, but never forget that our God is merciful as well as utterly just. The laws are undoubtedly at work when loved ones are tragically snatched from us through accidents or when someone is enduring particularly severe afflictions. It needs bearing in mind that we can only ever see one side of the picture, because we do not know anyone’s Karma and what kind of lessons a person has come to learn during their present lifetime. But, there is also a law of compensation that rewards all souls for any suffering they have had to endure on the Earth plane.

    In our present state, it is impossible to fully appreciate the extent of God’s love that accompanies and aids every soul who is forced through life’s circumstances – because these are the lessons we ourselves have chosen – to go through the very depths of the shadows. Only by wading through these experiences can any soul get to know the great and unconditional love of our Divine Father/Mother. As revealed to us through the parable of the Master who goes in search of every one of his lost sheep, irrelevant of whether we believe in these things or not, none of us will ever be lost. The Master in charge of us eventually takes us on his shoulders and carries us safely home into the world of spirit. No soul is ever left on its own on the Earth plane, especially not in times of suffering and distress. That is when God and the Angels draw particularly close to us, because on the highest levels of life every soul is always loved and cared for, as well as being compensated for its suffering, in the end.

    From ‘Healers and Healing’

    With love and light,
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    Re: The Laws of Balance & Compensation

    Hey Aquarius - this is TOTALLY AWESOME, THANKYOU!!!:pinkrose:

    as Julian of Norwich said in 1300 and something (I think, or maybe she was earlier?)........ "All Shall Be Well"

    We might not know how, or see how it could ever be well, but the promise still is..... it will be. "There is nothing in life or death, in principalities and powers that can ever separate us from the love of God" etc. (Romans 8)

    However impossible this might seem, even if we have no faith, all that is required is a 'Yes' (like Mary said who didn't know her future)......
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    Re: The Laws of Balance & Compensation

    And to A Pixie too....... likewise :) :):pinkrose:
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    Chiron - The Wounded Healer

    Dear Precious One – thank you for your feedback and for sharing your insights into this theme with us here. I am sure Julian of Norwich was right and that’s why, to this day, her words ring loud and clear and comforting down to us through the ages.

    The way I understand our existence is that all human souls must learn from their own first hand experiences that there is no death and that it is only the outer shell that dies at the end of each lifetime. Only when this has been grasped on a deep inner level, the acceptance and deep inner appreciation can rise into their conscious awareness that the knowledge they have found is true. By that time, the healer appreciates that the myth of giving up their immortality was necessary for a time, and that all feelings of being separated from God were merely part of the illusion that the existence in physicality creates. This realisation re-unites their earthly and Divine part; as they heal together, immortality is regained.

    It is necessary for every soul to forget that nothing can ever separate us from God, but only for a time. That was the leaving of the state of paradise. No-one chased us away. We went of our own free will and must have done so quite happily, because in that blessed part of our existence we still knew that the Universal laws of Karma and reincarnation would ensure the safe return of every soul into the oneness with God. We departed willingly because we knew that our consciousness would be vastly enriched by all the experiences that lay ahead of us and that we would thus be helping not only our individual evolution, but also that of our whole world and the whole of Creation. Could there ever be a worthier enterprise than that?

    From ‘Chiron – The Wounded Healer’

    With love and light,


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    Re: Chiron - The Wounded Healer

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    Do Things Work Even If I Do Not Believe In Them?

    The eminent Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, 1875-1961 was a man who, in his time, deeply influenced the thinking of our world. He was the founder of analytical psychology, also known as Jungian psychology. Recently, I came across one of his poignant comments from ‘The Undiscovered Self’, Collected Works, published 1956. As far back as then, he held the view I have shared for a very long time myself that, if at long last statements like the one that the Christ rose from the dead is to be understood symbolically, instead of literally, the new interpretations we shall then find do not need to conflict with the knowledge of previous ages. In fact, understanding the biblical themes symbolically can and indeed does put an end to the speculations that the Christian hope of immortality is invalid. It merely interprets and presents it in a different way. After all, long before the coming of Christianity humankind believed in a life after the death of the physical body. We therefore had no need of the Easter events of the Master’s death on the cross and his subsequent alleged resurrection, as proof of and a guarantee of immortality.

    Jung thought that the danger that a mythology that was understood too literally and the way it is taught by the Churches to this day, will suddenly be repudiated lock, stock and barrel was now greater than ever before. He too asked the question whether the time has come a long last hat the Christian mythology, instead of being wiped out, should be understood symbolically, as, in my view, it is meant to be. Equipped with the wisdom of hindsight, it is not hard to see that my jottings came into being to prevent just this. Although I had no idea that this was the intention behind them, when I first started writing about my insights into such matters, as time went by, almost of their own accord they grew into one of the – maybe many – contributions to ensure that this does not happen.

    Jung’s words reminded me of how, from time to time, I have been asked: ‘Does Astrology really work?’ Having witnessed how unfailingly and with what astonishing accuracy it does, my answer has always been: ‘Oh yes, it does!’ Some go further: ‘And does it work, even if you don’t believe in it?’ In my view, when something is true and right and there is sufficient evidence to prove that it works, then anyone’s disbelief does not have the power to change this. And that applies to astrology as much as to all other aspects of life. Remember when we were children? No matter how fervently we believed in Father Christmas, we finally had to grow up into the realisation that there isn’t one.

    The same is true for those who have not yet heard about the law of Karma or maybe people who know about it but do not believe that there is such a thing. Anyone’s ignorance or disbelief does not change that we, the same as the rest of the whole of Creation, are subject to Universal laws. They provide that every action causes a reaction and not knowing about this has never protected anyone against having to live by the consequences of their actions.

    This principle also applies to all other spiritual concepts, including that of a personal saviour and redeemer, who will come to our rescue. Irrespective of what firm beliefs anyone may hold about this, every soul eventually has to learn from its own experiences that this is impossible. Through improving our character by changing our behaviour patterns and with the help of the contributions we are willing to make, not only towards the welfare of the human race, but of our whole world and all life that shares it with us, in the fullness of time each one of us has to grow into their own saviour and redeemer.

    From ‘Do Things Work Even If I Don’t Believe In Them?’

    With love and light,