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I lost 1.5K


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I won't go into details about how this happened but basically I bought something risky and as a result lost at least 1.5K. I know its my own fault but honestly that just makes the feeling worse. I really have been considering killing myself after this. I really don't know if I have anything going for me in my life. The only skill I feel like I have is coding/technology. Anyways, I am looking for advice on how to cope with this. Suicide seems like the only option for me at this point.


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Hi there, I am so sorry this has happened to you, its very unfortunate and I totally feel for you but I must say that (not to undermine but being a realist) money comes and goes, your life does not. I know just how hard it is to save money during these difficult times so my heart is totally with you here. You have skills, use them, those kinda skills are the ones most sought after these days, please reconsider taking your life over 1.5k. Your life is worth a million times more and I mean that in the nicest way possible. I hope you can overcome this and move forward and look back one day thanking your lucky stars that you're still here. We are here to support you. *hug


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The people at SF are here to support you. In a few years I think this loss will be trivial to you, it will be meaningless. Your life is priceless. I would suggest accepting the challenge and earning that money back. It seems like that would satisfy you. The stock market is going to be volatile for a while now, many ups and downs because of the fears about COVID-19, the election, etc. I would suggest other means of investing you money, like buying gold or real estate. Gold wil always go up over the long haul as will real estate; there is a limited supply of both. I would suggest finding ways to make that money back instead of thinking about ending your life. In a few years you will be happier for it.

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