I lost him, i dunno to get him back

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    Me and my ex have been on-off for about a month.
    He use to say he loves me and is thinking about getting back with me perm.
    He's now told me that he doesn't wanna be with me full stop and he wants us to just be friends...how can you be friends with someone you love dearly?
    I would do anything for him.I love him like ive never loved before.I'd do anything for him...but i lost him...

    I lost his trust.
    We was on a week break from eachother...He never said if we was single or not.I got drunk and kissed my best friends brother...
    I told him and lost his trust...this has been the main downfall in teh whole relationship.

    I want him back so badly...:sad:

    how can I get him back
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