I lost my baby

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    I lost my baby. I should be 6 months pregnant right now but I lost her. I've never been a mother before, I never knew I ever wanted to be, but now I want nothing more than to have her back. A mother is supposed to protect her baby, I couldn't even do that. It kills me to think about it but everything reminds me that a child should be here, should be growing inside me. I don't know who to talk to about it, no one I know could understand what it's like to lose a baby. I can't even talk to my boyfriend about it, he's struggling too and I upset him when I bring it up. I just want her back...
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    I am sorry that you feel that way. It's the natural feelings you are experiencing (sorry if it sounds like a cliche) when you lost a child you never known. Yes, you are hurting but you need to get counselling for yourself. It's natural as the baby was apart of you and you felt attached to it.

    I apologise if I not making sense but you will get over it but you need our support and therapy. You are not alone now as let us offer you a virtual hand and help you through this tough time in your life. If you want to talk in private then please PM me anytime. I willing to listen and help you as much as I can. Take care now. Let's help you with the grief you are suffering. Be safe.
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    I have suffered the loss of a baby too. Years ago. And you will feel like you do for a while, i never truly stopped blaming myself until I was finished a round of therapy. It is hard to live and deal with but you must accept it's happened and there isn't anything you can do except try for another baby if that is what you really want. I think you should give counselling a try at least, if it's not for you then stop but try at least. I am so sorry you lost your baby :(