I lost someone and Now, I want to make a change...

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    Hey, my name is Catia, and I am a musician/singer-songwriter.. and music is my outlet...

    Last night I found out that someone I used to know committed suicide because of bullying that happened in University. This is NOT okay. Bullying does not only happen to children and teenagers. I want to try make a change and so I stayed up last night and spent a long time today writing a song about this topic; bullying, depression and suicide. I want to create an amazing video to create even more awareness to people experiencing these emotions. Out there, there are children, teenagers and even adults that are trying to shout out and tell others' how they feel. I don't anyone realised how hard it is.

    If anyone out there knows someone who committed suicide because of bullying and other negative elements, and wants to honour them, please comment bellow and I will contact you personally. (Alternatively, send me a private message on this fanpage and then comment bellow saying "inbox" and I will contact you too. This is easier to filter, as I get many messages, comments and requests.)

    I want the video to send a message as well as honour the wonderful people who needed our support. The people who longed to cry out, but couldn't. We have the chance to tell them they arent alone, so help me do that.

    Please help me make a change!

    Love, Catia
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    (I am not somebody who needs a request for what you are offering, but just wanted to comment on what you are offering, as I think it's very lovely)

    That's very noble of you to offer this to people who are in a loss. There's some others on this forum offering support too, and I am always amazed by that, especially the ones who have lost themselves, and still find the courage to go and help others. It's great that you are taking this up as an interest and for others, are giving your personal time to remember with them.