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Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by Ed., Jan 30, 2010.

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  1. Ed.

    Ed. Well-Known Member

    May provide some amusement to some,
    I was talking to an online "friend" about suicide attempts...

    "[03:01:39] Fox456687 > epic fail imo"

    I actually lol'd in RL
  2. Ziggy

    Ziggy Antiquitie's Friend

    Cool! Personally I would have called them a twat.
  3. cult logic

    cult logic Staff Alumni

    Today I was playing Halo and after a game a random kid sent me a message saying, "Feeling pretty suicidal? Haha".

    At first I was like :blink:.

    But then I realized it was because I was deranking TD the previous game and was killing myself over and over to keep our team's points negative so we'd lose.
  4. TomT

    TomT Active Member

    Got a smile off that one :) Sounds like some of my friends from WoW (Warcraft).
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