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I Love Him [[But So Does She]]

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theres been something on my mind and i cant stop thinking about it
this guy i kinda sorta...LOVE<33
says he loves me
[[but he says it to my best friend Alli too]]
now he says shes out of the picture
and im not sure if i can believe him anymore
what should i do??
if it wasnt for him i would be dead right now
the day i met him i was going to kill myself
and when i saw him i realized
"thats what i have to live for"
and if he hurts me again im not sure if ill be able to live thru it
somebody give me advice
thank you<33


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This friend of yours. Have you talked to her about what made you want to kill yourself in the first place?
You should not let a guy tear your life to pieces like this. Freindship comes first and if he's being flirtacious with you both you need to find out what he really wants. Does he know that your suicidal?
If he turns out to be a jerk remember that there are guys out there who exist who are genuinly nice people and that it will not do you any good to dispair if this one turns out to be a dud.

If you don't mind me asking, what made you feel like killing yourself before you met this guy?
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