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I love it when bad things happen to others

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one of my friends just told me that his girlfriend is breaking up with him...

... and it makes me so happy...

it's not that i want to date her or whatever, i just love it when bad things happen to people i know

it makes me feel better about my sad life

i know this is bad, and i'm a bad person

but i can't help it


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It's not un natural to feel this way, almost all of us do, seeing others make the same mistake we have, hit the same problems, generaly hit the same set backs, and sometimes just get delt a worse hand then we have, it makes you feel validated, like you're not the only one, it makes you appreciate what there is to your life by comparison, like seeing a man in a wheel chair and being greatful you can walk. It's not something you should be ashamed of but you could put that positive energy to good use, your friend is probably feeling very down right now and could use some cheering up, why don't you take him out or something and show him a good time?


Yeah, i'm a bad person to though i've been raised with a tough catholic education .
We like when shit happen to the others because we have a life very common and boring, we stay in front of a screen all day long ; it's logical that we're expecting something to happen, but we don't do anything.
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