I love it when this happens

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  1. Shezamura

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    Seriously. I love it when the good guy never gets the girl. I mean, c'mon!!! Its actually more life like when that happens. In fiction, the good, sweet, loving guy always gets the girl. In reality... The sorry ass, stupid, ignorant, good for nothing guy gets the innocent, sweet, romantic girl. I find this hilarious.

    You see, its guys like me that never get the girl. Ever. I'm fun. I look good. I have a wonderful smile. Im not conceided. I am out going. I am intellegent. I am respectful. And, I am a great sexual partner. Yet... Women just choose the stupid guy? just fantastic. I guess if I really want to find a girl I need to beat my chest and spit. Not to mention act like a complete ass hole and be all muscular and what not. lol. makes sense right?.... didn't think so.

    Give the real men a chance. Seriously. You just may find that the really innocent sweet men are the ones that can take care of you and protect you better than any muscle builder or gangster mob boss can anyday. Its call love... And its what real men like me do best. Give the lonely guy in the corner of the bar a chance... he's just too shy to talk to you. When you do go out there and talk to him, you'll more than likely find a great conversation... possibly a great relationship... and even better, a neverending fantastic sex life.
  2. someone uk

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    i have personally given up, i have figured that a girl would rather go out with a guy that beats them up than go out with me, so i figured that i am less desirable than a black eye
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    In my experience confidence plays a large part in initial attraction. I am rather average looking, a little short and stocky, but I've noticed that when I present myself with a bit of confidence, people take more interest in me. Women, generally, would talk to me a bit longer and want to find out more about who I was. When I wasn't presenting myself with a bit of confidence, I had a tendency to blend into the crowd/background.
  4. Avarice

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    If you don't get yourself noticied then chances are, people aren't going to notice you. You have to remember that a lot of women are in the same boat. They feel as though men go for the pretty, long legs and big breasts kind of girl and they're left on their own. Why do you talk like the girl should do all the leg work? Why don't you go and talk to the women in the bar, or go and seek out the lonely girl in the corner? You're obviously taking much more notice of the confident girls who date the asshole men, and less attention on the quieter, shy girls who probably don't even go to bars in the first place. Really, I think you're just either going for the wrong type of girl or expecting the girls to do all the work. Girls can be too shy to talk to men, too, y'know.
  5. greyroses

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    Funny, I notice how the great girls are always overlooked for the vapid shallow girls who are play-acting at innocence and sweetness. The girls who are so far up their own butts and expectations that they cant take the time to consider others respectfully and think that drama is the only way to keep breathing and find that sexiness outranks authenticity and humanity.
  6. yous

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    If that were true then why does this great girl here never get that Jerk who can't see past his willies? I've tried so hard to get this guy to like me recently but he is so stuck into himself, he can't see that he's ruining a potentionally good relationship. Go ahead and be/die alone!
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    The reason why women do not talk to the shy guy in the back of the room is because that is not how it works. Females will come up with any number of excuses.
    • If he does not talk to me how do I know he is interested?
    • He is not talking to me he must not find me attractive
    • All the guys I met are turned off when a woman approaches them
    • He looks like he wants to be alone. I guess I will leave him alone.
    • I guess I am not pretty enough for him.
    The list goes on and on and on. The sad reality is that the good for nothing guys have no problem with playing the game.

    You say you are out going, you have more than me. You do not have to be a jerk. You just have to entertain the female in question. I have been told females are attracted to guys who can make them laugh. Females like guys who trigger their sense of adventure. Females are attracted to mystery.

    Sadly it is social stigma for females to approach men. Less now, but it is still there. So any excuse females can give to not do it is accepted as valid. If a man misses out on a girl it is his fault. Until men and women are on equal grounds when it comes to mating it will always be like this. Everything is put on the man, it is complete bullshit. All the wooing, all the seducing everything. Women just have to smile and look pretty, and if they are not bored have sex with the guy. That is all they have to do. The man has to prove he can be happy without the girl, he can cook, he can clean, he firm yet soft, he is a protector, he can love, he is bold. Women will find any number of excuses to leave men or to let us nice guys just be alone. They get away with it because that is how we have conditioned them and ourselves.

    You do not have to be a jerk man, you just have to take the initiative. I have seen females with some pretty ugly guys, because the guys take the initiative. If a girl smiles at you talk to her. If a girl gives you a chubby talk to her. If a girl just happens to see you talk to her. Where is the harm?
  8. yous

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    This is a post I saw on the dating scene by some stranger. I thought it was funny because it describes humans of both sides. Granted it being humans coming of age, but it is a sad case that everyone at one point in their lives will face the big R: REJECTION.

    That being said, I met a guy who told me, guys think of one thing when they see a girl: how long she plans to delay him with sex. Who was it that said it somewhere: Guys give love to get sex, and girls give sex to have love....it's a very fine line that I think why men and women just do not mesh well together. Misunderstanding. Geez we only live for so long and yet we can't even come to terms with a relationship. How are we going to solve the rest of the world's problems?

    Anyway have fun with the post below, I thought it was funny yet a bit true.

    Once you are in your 30's the whole dating scene changes. Lemme tell you, it sucks the big one.

    For Men: The women you meet will be:
    A- Sluts (Spent their 20's jumping so fast from guy to guy looking for the love daddy never showed them.)
    B- The Jaded Chick (either has never found love before and doesn't believe in it, or was in a long-term relationship that ended badly. Has potential if you have patience)
    C- The Gold-digger (the first thing she will ask is. :"So, what do you do for a living?")
    D- The Desperate Damsel (looking to get married, will put the relationship into hyper drive and overlook reality for the ring).
    E- The Divorcee with kids (Tired, needs help, will settle. If you want an instant family, she's probably going to take very good care of you.)
    F- The Married Woman (husband cheated, she's getting her revenge. Expect animal sex.)
    G- The Uptight (nobody will ever be perfect for her)
    H- The Drama Junkie (if you are relaxed and normal, she will be 'bored' and missing the drama she had in the past)

    For Women: The men who ask you out will be:
    A- Married (all those guys who married in their early-mid 20's have discovered that their sweet, loving wife is a shrew who wouldn't blow them after they said their vows).
    B- Over 40 (for some reason, as soon as you hit the magic 3-0 all the old farts seem to think you should be grateful for their attention.)
    C- Playboys (Had fun while he was good looking and young. Find themselves stuck home alone while their "posse" have married off)
    D- The Divorced Man with kids (run...looking for a mom, housekeeper, cook, laundress etc etc. Afraid of sex because they have learned the hard way what a pain it is to have kids).
    E-The Younger Man (These guys love the idea of dating an older chick, will learn all they can from ya then go find an 18 yr old to show off their new skills).
    F- The Career guy (found himself on the fast track, realized that work sucks, can be a good find if he has learned that his personal life should be a priority.)
    G- The Idealist (sincerely believes that "just have not found the right person yet", but breaks up for reason like "she couldn't cook", "he didn't challenge me enough".....bottom line: nobody had a chance.

    All in all, a pretty sad scene for both sexes.