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I Love Tattoos

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Its amazing, having a needle stuck under your skin, leaving a permanent mark of beauty!!!!!

That makes 7 so far!!!!

Hurray for Tattoos!

Getting By

I've always wanted to get one. But I'm partly too chicken to brave the needle and partly too indecisive to settle on a design and location.
God do i know what you mean, celebrating 20 years on this planet soon and want one more than a hot chocolate on a cold summers day on an igloo farm. However the idea of it being permanent puts me off slightly i just dont want to regret being a tit at 20 and haveing grandkids laugh at how my christian cross tattoo looks like a swastica when its fadeing..Oh the humanity/
Getting By said:
:rofl: You don't mind if I borrow that, do you? :biggrin:
If one of my inane ramblings is useful to anyone then by all means, the mere fact you understood it elevates you above myself in knowing what the hell im saying :biggrin:
I'm planning on getting a tattoo but I'm unsure of what to have. Someone I know has the word "Slipknot" tattooed across their wrist and I can't help but think how silly that is? I mean, yeah sure you're probably a huge fan of Slipknot now, but 20, 30 years down the line? Maybe, but the chances are you've gone off them. But that's just my opinion. The tattoos I want has to have meaning, or a design I really like because it's for life, not for a week. Anyway, I'm glad you like your tattooes, any chance we can take a peek sometime? :)


its uncanny, they're healing but i want another.

As far as design, i suppose its whatever rocks your boat. If someone thinks getting a pic of John Kerry on their arse is cool, more power to them. But it does seem silly to invest cash in a tat that wouldnt speak much in 40 years.

I agree that my tattoos have to mean something to me, almost a constant reminder of lessons ive learnt or something like that , i saw some of keifer sutherlands (jack bauer on 24's) tattoos and he told that they mean alost to him tho no-one else knows their meaning but him. thats the sort of thing i want, not necessarliy to show it to people.

However if i was to indulge it would have to be one of keanu reeves tattoos from constantine, the one on his wrists which when put together create a circle and cross.


The biggest loser ever to live.
Getting By said:
I've always wanted to get one. But I'm partly too chicken to brave the needle and partly too indecisive to settle on a design and location.
Yeah, same here. I'm afraid of the pain and could never decide what tatoo to get and where to put it. I'm so indecisive....
tattoos are fun i have two so far and i want more as soon as i get the money for them i also have 12 pricings,two of them hurt more than the rest( can you guess where they are) lol just trying to make ppl laugh thats all :biggrin:


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i have some magor plannin to do here i have some pretty piticular taste and ideas and location just need to get it all together. look forward to gettin it done. rather have a magor tatoo then a magor scar.
And here's his other tattoo of an angel sleeping on his arm. His original plans were to get them both joined, the arm and his back but he hasn't been tattooed for ages because he hasn't been too well.
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