I love the attitude of my colleagues...

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    Please note - title is sarcasm.

    While I'm at work, it seems to me that there's a preference for people to be impatient. Don't get me wrong, everyone wants to finish and go home at the end of their shift, but when something holds them up (ie, a printer problem), it's not one of those things that can be helped, but it needs fixing first if they need paperwork to get their income/banking figures that then need to be processed to discover if there's a variance (either up or down).

    Nevertheless, I find some attitude issues when people are constantly moaning about another member of staff. And I want to really berate some of them sometimes - particularly if I've done as many hours in as short a time as by last night (approx. 10pm) - I had hit 37 hours in 3 days (but didn't finish for another 3) - and I end up staying behind to pick up the pieces, saving my colleagues backsides at times for the amount of crockery/glassware left overnight. Some of these colleagues only do half a day (either just afternoon or just evening) - and there's me running round after 11 hours working, not eating any lunch, still putting effort in to ensure they don't get into trouble for leaving too much over night.

    It can also irk me a little when others can get 1.5-2 hours worth of a break, but I get 30 minutes, particularly on weekends, when I'm on a particular department. I don't mind having 30 minutes - because even though there is usually enough time for me to get food (if I run across to a McD's or KFC that's a 5 min walk away), get back, eat it, have a quick cig, and I'm done ready to continue working - it is a bit rushed.

    Sometimes people call in sick, this is natural, but occasionally it happens when people call in sick because they've been out the night before. When people moan about being tired and it later transpires that they've been out the night before, I'm also annoyed at, because I get tired and I don't go out, but I still put what effort I can into the work, and I don't usually work that slowly.

    With a relatively new team (I'm probably the longest serving team member out of 10-12 new starters, and I'm only at 8 weeks), everyone is learning to be multi-skilled. So of course, there are going to be teething problems. Yet when on the front I can tell whether it's one of 2 types of prize money (dependent on who's bought what), from the numbers they read out. And I can tell if there's an erroneous payment. Usually too much has been paid out and it would leave me short on the front, but I think there needs to be a quick "teaching" lesson on what the differences are. There are 3 I can pinpoint, and if I overhear something - I'll know exactly what's been paid on.

    Just.. *ARGH*
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    I don't do any of those things and also have a keen eye for erm making tea. Hire me! :)

    But yeah things fall apart when people do not pull their weight which is pretty frustrating. You are done when you're shit is in order and help if someone needs it that is what is expected if don't like it you know where door is. I'd make a lovely boss. :)
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    My only suggestion is to do your own job and do it well as possible while skipping the part of trying to help them cover their butts. You are enabling, not helping them or endearing them to you as a friend or to the higher managers that then cannot see a true picture of who is doing what. Do not worry about their jobs, do yours and if you do something for somebody else get credit for it or do not bother. I am not saying the odd small favor workmates should exchange as a way of making work more bearable but if it is actually covering for somebody If I were the manager I would be just as pissed at you for covering as for them for not having done - plus you are setting these malingerers up to be recognized ahead of you because of their cheery fresh attitude when the managers can see them because you did their work and covered their butts....
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    At the moment - the managers are recognising that I'm getting on with saving these guys butts. We are all a team at the end of the day, and I'm just determined to do what I can to make 'me' stand out. Slightly selfish in attitude, but I'd rather have everything done properly than nothing done at all, and I'd rather they didn't have to bring people to disciplinary when most of the team is newer than I am. Teamwork isn't just purely down to one person doing it - but I'm trying to make the most of the fact I have a job that I have a 75% level of enjoyment in doing. The other 25% would be there if everyone did a little extra, rather than what seems to be just me.

    In the event of me throwing my toys out of the pram and saying "fuck it I won't do it" - that's just not the attitude to work that I have in me. My bedroom may be a disorganised chaotic mess, but I hate leaving a workplace that untidy/cluttered just because there's cleaners in and the majority of the rest of the staff say "leave it for the cleaners".
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    Then if you are not willing to step back, then how will the attitudes of your colleagues ever change??? If you keep letting them get away with having 2 hour breaks, let them get away with slacking then it will keep on happening then it will be you that burns out. Also management will then expect you to cover their asses every time without getting any recognition. Also, what is the point in complaining and ranting constantly about how little your colleagues do if you keep enabling them to work the way they do, nearly every post of yours at present is complaining about how your colleagues work, it's simple, stop enabling them!!!!
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    I am sorry to drift from the topic but I feel this needs to be said.

    Butterfly, This is the let it all out section,. Which is a way for people to VENT their stresses about whatever topic. Sometimes it is venting that is what is needed in stead of blowing out in an innappropriate manner at work and risk losing his job.
    saying comments liek this
    is neither helpful nor constructive, and rather disrespectful.

    Back to the topic.

    Perhaps FTT speak to management and discus how you are feeling about having to cover peoples work, see if it can be brought up via the Management with the individuals who are not pulling their weight. It is frustrating, but until you stand out against it, its just going to keep happening.
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    work in a similar environment at times - the best you can do is first demonstrate how committed you are to helping the team succeed and making sure that management recognizes the extent of your involvement - letting an entire team, especially a "young" one, fall on their face when you could have helped them succeed may reflect poorly on you

    the other thing you can try to do is mentor the newbies - let them know that you can help them out but show them what needs to be done on their part to make it work better - if they refuse to learn or cannot learn, then you need to approach management

    and if they are stubborn or lazy enough, THEN you stop going out of your way for them (been there - doing that)

    once all the parts start to work together better, things should even out
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    That's exactly the reason I try to cover their backs - although I'm only in my 9th week now, so I'm still fairly new myself. I have acquitted myself for the most part to the role of team assistant well, it's developing composure on certain departments that I lack. My general manager has said that he sees me as a bit of a nervous wreck when out of my comfort zone, which is very similar to himself, so I daresay I've just got to build up confidence.

    When all team members are multi-skilled, it'll be a lot easier to deal with.
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    He said that was similar to himself him being nervous when out of comfort zone or os that an observation?
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    I remind him of him... Sounds weird though.
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    Weird but could be good also since it is coming from the manager of the place.