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I made a huge mistake

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So I made the stupid mistake of agreeing to go with this guy for our classes final project because a) I didnt know anybody else & b) he seemed really nice. Long story short he would respond to the odd email & even when I told him exactly what the project was he would reply back asking what the project was & what I needed him to do. Unless I told him exactly what to do, he'd do nothing. Plus every email he sent me he 'd call me "sweetie", "sweetheart"... stuff you really wouldnt say to someone you dont know. So the project is due on monday & he sent me an email asking me to send him a copy of the project so he could practice for mondays presentation... all he did was send me a link to one site & tell me "good job sweetie"... I dont want him getting credit for my work when I've been doing all the work. I'm tired & burnt, & recently just came off of stimulants so Im not feeling so good right now.
So really, what should I be doing? I know I should have talked to the prof earlier but obviously that was my mistake & now I dont know what to do.

Madam Mim

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If you haven't already emailed him with the project ready for Monday, I wouldn't send it to him. In my university, you can refuse to let someone take credit for your work, and present it yourself if they haven't contributed.

I would speak to your professor first thing on Monday. You could email the professor before then to prepare them for the situation. But he really can't take credit for your work, that's unacceptable.

Good luck.

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