I Made A Mistake

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    I wanted to know why people felt the way they did about people and I wanted to know a little about what draws people together. However, in doing so, I ended up hurting someone I had no real emotional attachment to. It was both an experiment and a test and I believe my failure yielded these results. I'm unlovable because I don't want to love, despite wanting to be loved. It's something I still have time to figure out, but how can people put their hearts out so freely? I want to know.
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    Wanting to be loved but not wanting to love is probably a more common issue than you think. It is easier to put your heart out freely if you have never been hurt, but I guess even the people who have been hurt manage to do it - for me I don't put my heart out freely as much as I feel that sometimes it is taken from me without my consent - I don't know if that makes sense. Sometimes my heart is simply taken against my will and I end up loving people I had no intention of loving. I don't know how or why that happens.
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    I think the problem is that my mother was abusive and always told me that if I ever loved a man, I would love the kind that would be abusive.
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    I slightly know what u/she might be talking about....
    I'm wired that way..if a guy is nice,polite and caring about me...i can keep him as an endearing friend but never ever love him.this way I have hurt several people....they are nice to me yet ..i can't love them like in a relationship.
    But when there's a jerk who shows faint intrest...my heart gone to him.i hate him.i hate myself for wanting him.
    But his slightlest attention..acknowledgment ... Unwillingly pleases me up inside.
    I don't want to.i want a nice guy.
    But I can't help falling badly for the bad ones..
    In fact when I read yr thread title..mistake I suddenly thoght of these assholes of guys...