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I made a mistake.

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Hey all,

I know I've been complaining and ranting and blah blah blah - ing away.... so I'm sorry to begin yet another thread... but you can ignore it of course :unsure:

Okay, so I brought up the wrong thing today.. something along the regards of my parents divorce agreements. One, the agreement that we get to stay here, in our house that I grew up in.. my entire life... minus 6 months... until I graduate.. and all this time I thought (and so did my dad) that, that meant college.. so my dad went through all the papers from the divorce.. from all the lawyers and stuff, to our dismay.. it's once I graduate high school.. and when and if that happens.. he either has to buy my god forsaken "mother" out.. meaning pay her for half of the worth of the place.. or sell the house and give her the part she legally gets... and why does this matter? well it's got my dad all upset.. because he's just started, totally dove into a project that's going to cost something like $10,000... and there's really no turning back now.. so affording to buy her out in a little less than two years... is going to be anything but easy....

I hate money.... I hate my mother... and I hate my stupid big mouth
Aww hun. Sorry to hear that things were not as you and your dad thought they were. At least you found out now instead of a few weeks before the transaction were to take place. There is time to try to figure things out. I wish you and your dad the best of luck. :hug:
Thanks for replying so fast Gentle.

Hopefully that will be the bright side.. it's bad to find out at all.. becuase this isn't how we wanted things to go.. but rather find out sooner rather than later... this complicates things, sure.. but no where near as much as if I were about to g raduate and my dad found out...

Hopefully he can see it this way.... I feel bad seeing him so.. distraught.. looking through all the papers.... wish I could do something...


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maybe your dad can refinance the house ... combine the ten K he needs for the project and the money to by her out... this is a good time to think about it as the market is going down and her portion may be less than it was a while back or will be in two years...

hope he figures it out... PS .. if the project is fixing up the house... dont do it until he figures out how he is going to pay her off.. it would increase the value of the home and there fore he would have to pay her more...
well, we just got something in the mail, well he did... saying that property taxes are going up.. so the mortgage is also.... uhhg... part of me wishes I didn't know about things like this... but the other part of me is glad to know.. even though I can't really do anything about it.

He's looking into getting a third job.. three jobs? and I can hardly handle one!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sigh* :sad:


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Hmmm what is the old saying? Love makes the world go round money greases the wheel....

But I am REALLY sorry about this man. I always find it funny how the male is the one who always gets swindled during divorices. You rarely hear a female complain about how they lost the house and have to pay child support... but that is a political gender society debate thingy....

Well what can you do? Beg your mom to be nice?
Scuse my language here.. but my mom is a bitch. She wouldn't do anything to help us out.. she doesn't pay child support.. she doesn't do anything but make life hell as best she can from a far... she'll make this as painful and difficult as possible.. and get everything she can just to spite my dad.

She's evil I swear!!!!!!!!!
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